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in the Netherlands

Do you run a company in your home country, and do you have plans to do business in the Netherlands? Then you will undoubtedly need an accountant to advise you on international and cross-border issues. Also you will need an accountant who sees these issues from both sides and who will give you unequivocal advice. Trust in the expertise of Vermetten | accountants and advisers. We are an accounting and consultancy firm with several offices in the south of the Netherlands. From these offices, we have been assisting international companies for 25 years in the areas of accountancy, audits, payroll, taxation, legal issues, mediation and real estate.



Specifically, we advise on cross-border issues

  • VAT registration in the Netherlands
  • Payroll administration for cross-border operations
  • Assessment of social insurance position regarding cross-border employment
  • Optimisation of cross-border remuneration by means of salary split
  • Company setup in the Netherlands
  • Applications for the 30% ruling
  • Applications for wage subsidies (e.g. WBSO R&D tax credit)
  • Coordination of cross-border employment with bodies such as the tax authorities and the Social Insurance Bank (SVB)
  • Inspections by tax authorities
  • Emigration and remigration
  • Drawing up of employment contracts for international recruitment
  • Transfer pricing

Member of TGS Network and SRA

Vermetten | accountants and advisers is a member of TGS Network, an international network of accounting firms. Through this membership, we can provide international companies with expert and internationally oriented advice and assist them with cross-border issues. Not only in the Netherlands, but also in their home country. Read more about TGS Network.

In addition, Vermetten | accountants and advisers is a member of the SRA, a network organisation and quality seal for over 370 accountancy firms in the Netherlands. In cooperation with the SRA, we developed the brochure ‘Doing Business in the Netherlands’. In this brochure you can read how to set up an international company in the Netherlands. 

Enterprising advice

We are faster and more flexible than bigger offices, more comprehensive and more stable than the smaller bureaus, and always expertise-based. Moreover, 'enterprising advice' is central in everything we do. We think like accountants or advisers and act like entrepreneurs. Thanks to this approach, we can fully comprehend your situation and provide you with the very best advice. Expert, decisive and effective advice you can really use.